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Application Surfaces

Ceramic surfaces, Roof, Tiles

Available Packages

Plastic Bottles/Barrels 1L, 4L, 20L, IBC 1000L

Aquashield Ceramic

Water repellent for ceramic substrates and surfaces


Aquashield Ceramic is a one-part water-based water repellent product. Its nanostructure acts as a non-film forming shield against the passage of water and salts while allowing moisture vapour permeability through the ceramic substrate surface. Millions of nanoparticles penetrate the substrate and modify its surface making it superhydrophobic, without sealing it or changing its properties and appearance. In this way, Aquashield Ceramic achieves perfect water repellency, easy cleaning, and protection from mold and fungal growth. In addition, Aquashield Ceramic protects the substrate surface from cracks.


Shake well before use. The substrate surfaces should be free of dust, dirt, oils, varnishes and waxes. Aquashield Ceramic is ready for use. Apply with brush, roller or low-pressure spray gun. In order to achieve best results and durability 2 coats are recommended, allowing 3-4 hours between each coat. One coat should be sufficient for surfaces with low porosity. Remove any excess product from surface 20 – 30 minutes after application. Surface dryness achieved 30 – 60 miuntes depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Maximum effect is achieved 24 hours after final coat, lasting for at least 24 months.

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