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Application Surfaces

Bare concrete floor, Exterior walls, Grout, Interior walls,, Mortar, Plaster

Available Packages

Plastic Bottles/Barrels 1L, 3L, 20L, IBC 1000L

Aquashield Nanoprimer

Primer and water repellent for porous surfaces, suitable for water borne and solvent borne paints


Aquashield Nanoprimer is a one-part water-based nano-primer with a particle size of 30nm, high penetrating capacity and enhanced water repellent characteristics. When applied on absorbent surfaces, it strengthens the substrate without creating a superficial membranous film. The substrate achieves improved adhesion quality before painting, tiling or rendering and acquires better elasticity thus avoiding the development of micro-cracks and an even uniform finish is achieved.


Shake well before use. The surface should be dry and free from dust, dirt, oils, varnishes and waxes. Remove all loose, flaking and unstable material. Ensure that any paint materials remaining are removed and the underlying substrate is sound and adhering well. It is advised to apply product when ambient temperature is 10 – 35 °C and relative humidity below 75%. Aquashield Nanoprimer is ready for use. Apply with brush, roller or low-pressure spray gun. Tools and containers should be washed immediately with clean water.
Allow surface to dry before applying paint.

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