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Application Surfaces

Bare concrete floor, Cement, Ceramic surfaces, Exterior walls,Interior walls, Joint, Marble, Roof, Stone, Tiles

Available Packages

Plastic Bottles/Barrels 1L, 4L, 20L, IBC 1000L

Nanoxsol S

For removing and cleaning salts and dirt from surfaces


Nanoxsol S is a water-based bio-degradable cleaner. Due to its advanced composition, Nanoxsol S dissolves and removes lime-scale, soap residue, salt creep (salt water residue deposits) and salt- based stains from any surface without altering or modifying it. Nanoxsol S does not contain ammonium, petroleum byproducts, or acid unlike most other salt removal cleaners thus making it safe and friendly to people and the environment.


Shake well before use. The substrate surface should be dry, free of dust and loose, flaking material. Nanoxsol S is ready for use. Newly constructed surfaces must be allowed to dry out. Apply with brush, roller or low-pressure spray gun. Allow 10 minutes after application (gently scrub surface with a brush if needed) before rinsing with plenty of clean water. Repeat if necessary.

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